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Special Interview Vol.4


This time we have ukyDaydreamer, who has been cooperated with Mitsurin Brand a lot in the past!
He is an artist who creates 3 dimension objects while keeps drawing illustrations.
After the big hit of DEKU the Buster, ukyDaydreamer is now un-stoppable.
Let the interview start!


(JUNGLE JGL below)First of all, what was the starting of becoming an artist?


(ukyDaydreamer uky.D below) I like drawing since I was a kid.

I had a childhood with all the elements of Otaku—plastic model, Anime, Manga,
Tokusatsu (Live action), Game;
When I won the drawing contest as an elementary school student,
it not only made me like to draw more, also became my job interest.

In my high school age, I was in the sports related club; since
I wanted to know more about art,
I applied for the art club and learned about how to draw and sculpture in full-scale.
I went to China for study after that and gained knowledge about Hong Kong toys.
Since then, I started to have desire of making my original characters
into figures and wanted to learn more about graffiti as well;
my will pushed me to the United States. While studying in America,
I learned about the making of figures from the staffs of Anime Jungle.
In the result, it was an extension of my childhood’s dream.


(JGL) It was really an opportunity of changing one’s life by winning a contest.




(JGL) What events are you working on now?


(uky.D) Mainly I design my own original characters, illustration artworks,
sometimes I draw illustrations for the welcome boards of wedding events.
I also join [TheLivePainters] for promotion illustrations.
My main activity area is based in Fukuoka and Nagasaki since years ago.
I started live painting because it is related to figures.
In Fukuoka, original figure genre is not well-known and events were rarely to be held.
Then I thought, if I join live painting events and introduce myself
“I can not only draw, but also make figures”, more people can get to know original figure genre.



(JGL) What was the impetus to come with the concept of ukyDaydreamer?


(uky.D) “See. Feel. Play.”
I hope the figure is not only as a simply display object, but can also be hold in your hand and played with.
I want to add some gimmick into the Sofubi figures as much as possible.
For example, perhaps by twisting, up-side-down, or taking some parts off to make the figure itself
“transform” into something else.

People can enjoy the figures by seeing it, feeling and touching it, playing with it.
One character can transform into 2 or 3 forms, there are too many ways of fun plays.


*ometeotl, lobzar and sqlio are the examples of transform-able figures, different expressions can be found by only change the direction.

uky.d変形3 uky.d変形1 uky.d変形2


(JGL) Is there any character or work that made a deep impression on you?


(uky.D) My very first transform-able character “ometeotl”.
I had chance to know for the transform gimmick, and made friends was because of it.
When I first published my test version image onto SNS,
John from RAMPAGE TOYS offered me if he could do the painting.
I was nervous for the first collaboration, but in fact very happy that he offered me a chance.
I have done several collaborations with RAMPAGE TOYS since then and also with other artists;
it surprised me, and thanks to my ometeotl.

(JGL) Thank you for the story of ometeotl, now I have new point of view when looking at figures.



(JGL) What do you care the most when disigning?


(uky.D) I want to make a world view that contains the outer space and future.
It also needs to contains the poisonous and cuteness. Perhaps I am too greedy. (lol)
Other than that, I want my artworks have special identable signature that even though they are different characters,
they can still be recognized as uky’s artworks.

(JGL) Surely uky’s artworks are in different motif but can be told by the test of sense. By putting all together, we will see the different motif united as one.

(JGL) Is there anything you want to challenge or give it a try?

(uky.D) I want to challenge ceramic items. By the wording “ceramic”,
it is not referring to the tableware; I want to make some figure-like ceramic interior objects.
I was from a town known for ceramic named Hasami.
I want to make some artistic ceramic items of my design or ideas to contribute my hometown.



(JGL) If you have any announcement, please let us know about it.


(uky.D) 2015 will be the 5th anniversary for ukyDaydreamer.
I want to extend the world of my existing characters by adding new series.
With the extension, new story and settings will be created as well.
About my drawing and painting projects,
I join TheLivePainters group event held in Sasebo City Museum and other events.
I have the strength from my hometown and the artists for supporting me to success,
please cheering for me!


(JGL) Thank you very much!

(uky) Thank you very much!


The concept of ukyDaydreamer is to see, feel, and play with for more fun.
Perhaps this is the Daydream(er) for both the artist and fans.

You might fall into ukyDaydreamer’s trap by playing with them.
No-one can stop ukDaydreamer and his popular DEKU the Buster!



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