Mega House G. E.M. Code Geass Resurrection Lelouch Zero

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Sales store: Jungle fancy machine Mechanical Museum Mechanical Store
Release date: 2019/07/29
Manufacturer: Megahouse (Megahouse)
Model number:
Grade: Used B
Individual Remarks: Body dirt (small)
Medium Old Remarks: 2019, finally the 10th anniversary of release G. E. M. series. The first thing to commemorate was the "Code Geass" Round Geus Reversed Lelouch R2 zero. G. E.M. As the first product to decorate the 10th anniversary year, its "zero" is a complete new model. This time, the figure of the movie version "Code Geas resurrection Lelouch", which is screened from February 9, 2019 (Saturday), the original model: Noto Imoto (Shin-Hikkoku) & Scray color: TC steri. We have a thorough supervision of the character design, Kimura Kimura, and the colored coloring is high quality finish. In addition to enjoying zero mask, normal face, geared face (both eyes / piece) and 4 pattern facial expressions, it is a play value-rich item, such as can reproduce posing with masks by replacement. Code Gear Asphan is a gem that you want to take your hand! [Set contents] · Colored finished product figure ... 1 · replacement face parts ... 3 · Arm parts ... 1 · Private pedestal ... 1
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GEM Code Geass Lelouch 330 Anime Character

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