Nex Edge Style EVA Unit Evangelion No. [TV Version]

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Sales store: Jungle fancy machine Mechanical Museum Mechanical Store
Release date: 2018/08/25
Manufacturer: Bandai
Model number:
Grade: Used B
Individual Remarks:
Medium Old Remarks: EVA Series Restart in NXEDGE STYLE! Release with luxurious specification equipped with high request Longinus wolf and Magoroxode! The EVA series that has gained popularity is re-appeared in the Tv version color! A variety of equipment that extends play value, including "Magoroku Counter Sword", such as "Magorok Counter Sword", such as "Magorok Counter Sword", such as "Magorok Counter Sword", etc., such as "Magorok Counter Sword", such as "Magorok Counter Sword", etc., "Magorok Counter Sword", etc., with the high request "Longinus" and the Japanese sword. Handgun / TV version program is also included. The color of the main unit is one new to the color scheme that imaged the familiar TV series. ■ Product specifications Total high: about 100 mm Material: PVC, ABS ■ Set contents, Body, replacement Long left, exchange wrist, Magoroku Counter Sword · Progressive Knife · Handgun · Longinus Handgans · Progress · Dedicated STAGE Set
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