Medicom Toy Carbotix Getter 1

Rank B

Sale price¥28,750


Sales store: Jungle fancy machine Mechanical Museum Mechanical Store
Release date: 2019/07/31
Manufacturer: Medicom Toy
Model number:
Grade: Used B
Individual Remarks: Luminescent Gimmick Confirmed, Body Left Legal Painting Painted, Instruction Shortz
Non-Old Remarks: ● Total High: Approximately 230mm- "Chainge! Getter 1 !!!" ● "Carbotics" Super Vibration Robo Series Latest! ● Using "Hybrid Carbon" and "De Cast" to each part, and a heavy getter 1 appeared! ● Head, chest can be lit with LED! ● Abdominal getter beam can be opened and closed and lit with the back switch! ● Connector parts attached to the machine gun deployment state! ● Private weapons "Gettato Mahok" "Machine Gun" included! Back cloak reproduces texture with special cloth! ● Various wrists parts included! Package Size: 32 x 21 x 14 cm
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