Sky Tube Fukiishi Racing Girl Ver. Llustration by Fukasaki Kuito 1/6pvc Figure

Rank B
SKU: rc_ITRX9844E86Q_njjX

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Sales stores: Jungle Nagoya store
Release date: 2018/09/15
Manufacturer: SkyTube (Sky Tube)
Model number:
Grade: Used B
Individual remarks: Outside box damage
Choi Remarks: PVC -made painted finished product set content Up and lower cast -off specifications 3 kinds of chest parts included Postcard attached
New Remarks:
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Yuzukikanna Misakura Hito Comic Aun 304 Beautiful Girl Figure Skytube Fukiishi Hana Racing Girl Ver. Illustration by Misaki KureHito 1/6PVC

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