Kotobukiya Megami Device WISM/Soldier Snipe/Grapple (resale version)


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Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
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Grade: New
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Naka -Koi Remarks: (C) Kotobukiya (C) MASAKI APSY (C) TORIWO TORIYAMA
New Remarks: (C) kotobukiya (c) MASAKI APSY (C) TORIWO TORIYAMA * This product is a regenerated product. "Beautiful Girl x Mechanic" new series "Megami Device" started! The latest work is "WISM Soldier Snipe/Grapple"! ! This is an assembled plastic model series that enjoys using a weapon or armor with a movable beautiful girl body. The body adopts a new design element "Mashini" by Maki Asai! And the character designer is Fumikane Shimada following the first! The new figure robot battle will start with the strongest team! [Accessories/Gimmick] ・ It is a convertible kit with two types of character head parts in one package. ・ 3 kinds of painted face parts are included per character, and you can enjoy a total of 6 types of faces. ・ You can reproduce the "armed mode" wearing a mechanical armor and "body mode" that removed the armor by replacing the parts. ・ In the tremendous movable range of the new body “Machinyka”, the weapon holding pose and sitting poses are naturally disgusting. ・ A variety of weapon parts such as rifles and wild hands are included. You can play with various combat scenes. ・ The backpack composed of multiple roll shafts is also effective as a custom play material. -The 3mm diameter holes placed in each part can be used together with the existing M.S.G series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl Series. ・ PVC's wrist is for armed, for elementary body, 5 types, including 10 types, including 10 types. It is possible to have the existing M.S.G series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl Series. ・ A decal such as eyes and marking is included. [What is Megami device] It is a plastic model series that assumes a "near -future battle hobby" that can be enjoyed, remodeled, and fights to enjoy a plastic model, which is 14 cm in height. Maki Asai, a leader of the movable figure, Maki Asai, a new design body "Mashinika", and various designers will work on characters and mechanics. The molding color is color -coded, the face is painted with dandelion printing, and the finish is close to the image just by assembling. With the adoption of a 3mm diameter joint hole, you can play in combination with many Kotobukiya plastic model parts that have already been released, as well as parts compatibility in the future series.
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