CCP Muscular Collection No.x Meat -kun Kokushi Competition Ver. Original color

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Grade: Used A
Condition: outer box damage [Small]
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Nakao Remote: The national hero manga "Kinnikuman", which is still serialized! Three -dimensional of the attractive superhumans that appear in the work A new work appears from the popular CCP series "CCP Muscular Collection (AMC)"! Our second, Meat -kun is full on the scale of the play! A gem that not only supports justice superhumans as a second, but also reproduces the Yushi who goes to the fight. By combining with the separately sold "CMC No.63 The Man Riki", it is possible to reproduce the famous scene of the fierce battle! ! Not just a mascot character! The way to match is endless because of the scale in the play! ! There is no doubt that your collection will be enriched with a new meat. The specifications have different facial expressions between "Original Color Ver." And "Special Color Ver." Don't miss the culmination of soft vinyl with CCP's real details, molding technology, and softening technology!
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Justice Superman Seigi Chojin Seigichojin 307 Kinnikuman

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