Soul Nations TOKYO Limited MS-06 Mass Production Type Zak Ver. A. N.I.M. E.-Real Marking-


Sale price¥6,900


Resetting stores: jungle vacancy, machine store, and mecstore.
Date of release: 2019/04/27
Manufacturer: Bandai
Concrete type:
Grade: Not used
Individual Notes:
Chuko Bokaku: The head of the set, the main body, the left and right wrist, the left and right, the left and right, the shaku, the heat, the heat, the heat, the heat-Hawk, the bow deck, the head of the bow, and the head of the bow
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Version Anime, ANIME First Gundam: The first Gundam Robot, Robo, Robo, Robo, Robot, Robotamus 332, Robot, the soul.

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