Wing (Wing) Armor Masakura Masajijiji Masamura 1/7 PVC Figure

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Sales stores: Jungle Nagoya store
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Manufacturer: Wing (Wing)
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Grade: Used B
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Naka -Koi Remote: Nitroplus gifts from the slash dark ADV "Armored Demon Village", "Kakasama", "Tadashi Nisemura"! In addition to the familiar costumes in the play, a replacement body parts worn underwear drawn by the original drawing, Namanaku ATK. In addition, the expression parts with a fearless smile are also included, and please combine them and enjoy them in your desired state. Painted finished product [Scale] 1/7 [Size] Full height: about 240mm [Material] ABS & PVC [List of set contents] Figure body Dedicated pedestal
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