Kotobukiya Queu Posh 46 Fa Girl Baseral


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Sales store: Jungle fancy machine Mechanical Museum Mechanical Store
Release date: 2017/12/15
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Model number: AD061
Grade: Unused
Individual Remarks:
Non-Old Remarks: An innocent and Lolite Frame Arms Girl, appeared in the queue Posh! A cute pocket that Izu Izu Koi Pocket "Queu Posh". The 46th series is a wise, but a troubled maker FA girl "Baseral" is the appearance from "Frame Arms Girl" that TV animation has ended very popular. "Queu Posh" means a new pocket-sized movable figure series. 2.3 Deformed characters of the head are rich and free, and free of pose. You can take many poses with a dedicated base by the magnet on the foot and reproduce various expressions and impressive scenes of the character. M. S. S. S. G Weapons and Frame Arms Series Armed M. S. G Weapon Series and Frame Arms Series are equipped with a huge type of Hardpoint and Various Grip Size, with two kinds of handling, which corresponds to each part of the Bhaserald body and armed parts. Please look forward to the Queu Posh "Frame Arms Girl" series that will continue to spread yet. [Accessories] · Oriented 1 type · Two types of expression parts (smile, lively face) · replacement wrist type (flat, hand, 2 kinds of hand, 2 kinds of holding hand, 2 kinds of handle) · dedicated base (pillars) Pillar arm, extended parts (thin, thigh), storage chuck bag
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