Robot Soul 247 Iron Gekami


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Sales store: Jungle fancy machine Mechanical Museum Mechanical Store
Release date: 2018/12/29
Manufacturer: Bandai
Model number: 247
Grade: Unused
Individual Remarks:
Non-Old Remarks: The staff to handle Robot soul gathered, and the Iron German is advent to the ROBOT soul. The definitive edition of the Iron Gentaka, which has a texture expression using a plenty of texture, movable, and coloring. ~ Another figure of Galian, which was produced by Mr. Yutaka, Mecha Designer-Mecha Designer. Make many mecha fans in the density of the overwhelming model. ~ Color of red with painting ~ paint. The red color of the whole body is expressed by painting, and pursues depth and solid feeling. In addition, by applying metallic coloring to each part, a high-class feeling like armor was three-dimensionally dropped. ~ Action-Knight's movement. Due to the finely designed movable mechanism, it has been realized yet. Posing with a sense of dynamics is possible. ■ Product specifications Total high: about 160mm Material: ABS, PVC ■ Set contents, Body, replacement wrist left 3 words 2 types, sode, shield
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