Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Girl Dunning Thunder Indigo Ver. Resale


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Sales store: Jungle fantasy machine mechanical museum Mecostore Akihabara
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Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Model number: FG018R
Grade: New
Individual remarks:
Nakao Remarks:
New Remarks: * This product is a regenerated product. Description of item Kotobukiya Original Robot Content "Frame Arms" spin -off series The latest work "Frame Arms Girl" is "Shunrai Indigo Ver." The mechanical design designed by Takayuki Yanase has been three -dimensional based on the illustration of Mr. Fumikane Shimada! Shunrai is a character that has become a beautiful girl from Shimada Fumikane, who has remodeled the frame arms "Todoroki". 【Product Details】 ・ Four types of face parts with different painted gazes are included. (Right -facing eyes, left -faced eyes, front -face eyes, shouting face) ・ New modeling hair and hair ornaments are included, and you can enjoy three types of hairstyles. ・ Since the expression parts have been painted, the finish is close to the setting just by assembling. ・ Numerous weapons, such as new modeling shuriken, are included in dedicated molding colors. ・ A wide range of movements are realized by using the swing movement of the waist joint and the hip joint slide movable together. -The wrist is enabled by adopting a spherical joint of the axis movable. ・ 5 types of PVC wrists are attached to left and right. The wrist can be recombined as the wrist in the existing Frame Arms Girl series, including joints. ・ It is possible to reproduce the image illustration by replacing the attached left arm and the left leg. ・ A decal such as pupils and format notation is included. -There is a 3mm diameter hole placed on the arms and feet allows the existing M.S.G series and frame arms series to be used together. [What is Frame Arms Girl] The "Frame Arms Girl" is a spin -out series that makes each aircraft of Kotobukiya's original Robot content "Frame Arms" "beautiful girl". The color -coded molding color and the face parts have been printed, and the finish is close to the setting image simply by assembling it without painting. A huge M.S.G Weapon Unit series with a 3mm diameter hole and PVC wrist provided in each part, which is a feature of the frame arms. It is possible to use the weapon and exterior of the Frame Arms series. The compatibility of the heads, arms, legs, etc. with the "Frame Arms Girl" aircraft, which will be released in the future, is also ensured, allowing customers to customize.
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