Soul Web Limited Metal Robot Soul Light Wings & Hymat Full Burst Effect Set


Sale price¥8,625


Sales store: Jungle fancy machine Mechanical Museum Mechanical Store
Release date: 2018/10/24
Manufacturer: Bandai
Model number:
Grade: Unused
Individual Remarks:
Medium-Old Remarks: ※ Body does not come with set contents, light wings × 4 · beam effect A × 2 · beam effect B × 2 · Beam effect C × 8 · beam effect D · Dragoon launch effect A × 8 · Dragoon firing effect A × 8 · Dragoon launch Effects B × 8 · Dragoon launch effect C × 16 · post · wing fixed parts left and right
New product Remarks:
※ The image we are posted is a sample image. Details are described below under the product name. In addition, if the description contents etc. are listed, but there is a shortage of shortages, etc., we will be listed in individual remarks, so please purchase it on confirmation.

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