Kotobukiya Saiyai Girl Garden Madoka [Swimsuit]

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Manufacturer: kotobukiya (Kotobukiya)
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New Remarks: Madoka Yuki appears in a summer swimsuit after the uniform♪The bikini with a pink dot pattern is a cute design that you like. The body balance has been renewed, and this time, I added roll movement to the thighs to attract dynamic poses like the summer sea.♪You can enjoy various poses by combining with fixed arm parts and barefoot parts. It is adorable to sit on the desk using a dedicated body where you can sit in physical education. Commitment point! [Body for physical education sitting] The most important point of this time is a dedicated body modeled for physical education sitting posture. It was modeled in the image of being sitting on the beach. It is possible to express expressions that could not be done in uniforms, such as posing sitting with knees. [Fixed arm parts] By using a fixed arm parts that emphasizes the appearance of the elbow straight, you can enjoy a beautiful modeling that emphasizes the appearance. Please play freely in combination with movable arm parts. [Painted parts] Sandals have been painted in addition to the shoulder straps of the swimsuit and pink dot patterns! Even with a body for physical education, the dot pattern is painted, so you can enjoy a finish that is close to the completed image just by assembling. [Barefoot parts] 3 kinds of ankle parts in the naked state that took off the sandals! In addition to the standing state, the range of poses is expanded by using a bent to the toe to the inside and the one with the outside. [New modeling wrist parts] In addition to the seven kinds attached to summer clothes, a new and cheerful "piece" expression writer is newly attached. [Sunflower -type hair accessories] In the uniform, it was replaced with a hairpin that was integrated with the bangs, and in the swimsuit, it was changed to a yellow sunflower accessories. Here you need a detailed paint. [Shushu] The shush used for the ponytail is a clear purple molding, and it is a glittering expression because it contains lame material. [Base for clear blue exhibition] The base for the exhibition is a clear blue with the image of the waterside. accessories 1 Yuki Madoka body x 1 set 2 hairstyle parts 3 types "Long Hair", "Ponytail", "Twin Tail (regular)" x 1 set 3 Effective parts (painted type) "Wink face", "Niya naya face", "Serious face", "smile (open mouth)" x 1 each 4 expression parts (unpainted type) "Wink face", "naya naya face", "serious face", "smile (open mouth)" x 1 each 5 8 kinds of wrist parts "Peace", "Handle (normal)", "Handle (narrow)", "Handle (wide)", "handle (round)", "handle", "finger hand", "Hirate" x each Part 6 Body for physical education x 1 set 7 Fixed arm parts x 1 set (left and right) 8 Megami device compatible 6mm diameter neck parts x 1 9 Base x 1 set for exhibition 10 Water Papolation expression decals x 1 sheet
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304 Beautiful Girl Figure KOTOBUKIYA SOUSAI SHOUJO TEIEN MADOKA YUKI (Swim Style) 1/10

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