Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EV-007 Evangelion No. 13 Reminiscence Version

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Sales store: Jungle fancy machine Mechanical Museum Mechanical Store
Release date: 11/13/13
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Model number:
Grade: Used A
Individual Remarks:
Non-Old Remarks: "Evangelion New Movie Version: Q", a new machine with an Shinji, Kaoru, and three-dimensional. In addition to the "4 arm state", the "normal" body is included. The play value is doubled by replacement! The four arms apply a revolver joint to each joint, and remain moving. Enjoy various posing in the play. Faithfully reproduce the shape of the distinctive body. The abdomen is a three-stage bellows structure. Use soft material to the crotch and move it to be done. Total 8 exchange hands are attached to 6 pieces for normal arms and four arms. Option 2 coffins are included. 4 You can retain any hand, and you can pull out the wolf in the play and reproduce the impressive scene. Please enjoy the movable structure that is easily moved and arranged. Furthermore, in this resale, we specially attached a protective unit that is the weapon of EVA No. 13! At the time of Revoltech Yamaguchi, the "AT Field & Protection Unit" attached to "Evangelion 8 β" was included with the first unit. Painaged Movable Figure [Size] about 165mm [Material] ABS, PVC [Magical Location] All 20 Joint Used Number of Joint Used] Figure Body Bearing × 2 Option Hand × 8 (Normal Hands Left and right × 3 · 4 left and right for arm state × 1) Normal body x 1 AT field x 1 defense unit x 1 defense unit auxiliary bar × 1 display stand (3 types)
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