Hasegawa E46 1/72 F-35 Lightning II (B type) U.S. Marine

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Release date: 2018/03/16
Manufacturer: Hasegawa
Model number: 01576
Grade: Used A
Individual remarks:
Naka-Koi Remarks: From the fifth-generation latest stealth fighter "F-35", the B-type that can do short-range takeoff vertical land (STOVL) is a completely new mold. The lift fan upper doors/lower doors, engine portions, etc. are opened and closed. The legs can be selected from flight and parked status. The nozzle has a structure that can be removed, and can be moved by the rotating mechanism similar to the actual machine! This allows you to reproduce the state at the time of launch (short -distance takeoff). Flapperon, horizontal tail wings, and vertical tails are integrated with slide molds to achieve a small detailed detail expression. Includes a pilot figure (seating posture) with the latest helmet and a stand for exhibition. The package illustration is handled by Mr. Kato Mitan Waro. Decal (marking) The US Marine Corps 121st Marine Fighting Air Corps "Green Knights" Captain "VK01" (Iwakuni Base 2017) Other one
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