Fine Mold 1/72 Air Self -Defense Force Missile Set


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Sales stores: Jungle Nagoya store
Release date: 2020/10/08
Manufacturer: Fine Mold
Model number: FP39
Grade: New
Individual remarks:
Naka -Koi Remarks: Full new mold in 2020. It is a set of aviation missiles that conform to the F-4 fighter and the Air Self-Defense Force fighter. The set contents are Type 90 air-to-air guidance (AAM-3), Type 99 air-to-air guidance (AAM-4), 04 air-to-air induction bullet (AAM-5), Sparrow (AIM-7F), side winder (AIM) -9E, AIM-9L/M, AIM-9P), 80-type air-to-ship guidance (ASM-1), Type 93 air-to-ship guidance (ASM-2) The above 9 types are 4 each Characteristics of kit ★A representative missile set operated by the Air Self -Defense Force. ★The Japanese original 80 and 93 -type air -to -ship guidance bullets are also reproduced. ★Each part is accurately reproduced. ★Reproduce the band -shaped marking and detailed marks with decals. ★It is widely used to the F-4 fighter and the Air Self-Defense Force fighter. ★Four runners. There are a total of 36 units.
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