Fine Mold 1/72 US Navy F-14A Tom Cat

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Manufacturer: Fine Mold
Model number: FP30
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Nakao Remarks: F-14 Tom Cat ™ is a double-seated ultra-sound-type jet-up fighter equipped by the United States Navy, and is a major feature of its unique torso shape and variable wings that gain lift. Since 1974, he has been deployed in aircraft carriers, and has been engaged in various purposes, such as air control, fleet air defense, interception, as well as tactical reconnaissance with reconnaissance pods. All aircraft have retired from the US Navy in September 2006. 1/72 scale F-14 Tomcat's "A type" appears with a new mold! The discerning elegant aircraft line, the details are accurately reproduced. Furthermore, the external inspection door of each part is opened and closed, and the inside is reproduced precisely. Marking can be selected from the US Navy 84th Battle Air Corps (VF-84) "Jolly Rojers", which is famous for Skull & Crossbone, and the Sundowners (VF-111) "Sundowners". 。 ★This is the first general distribution kit of a modern jet fighter. ★The line of the aircraft is a special design based on the actual machine confirmation. ★The external inspection door of each part around the neck is opened and closed. ★The radar and balkans inside the inspection door are also accurately reproduced. ★The characteristics of cockpit, engine nozzle, tail wing, etc. ★The main wing is designed to be easy to paint. Movable type. ★Marking comes with Jolly Rojers and Sandowners. ★Approximately 268mm long, about 170mm in width, about 70mm in height when completed ★Parts of parts 246 points+decal Attached marking U.S. Navy 84th Battle Air Corps (VF-84) "Jolly Logers" U.S. Navy 111 Battle Air Corps (VF-111) "Sundowners"
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396 Fighter/Airplane Finemolds Plastic Model 1/72 FP30 U.S Navy F-14A TOMCAT

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