Tamiya 1/32 se-Pa-Marine Spitfire Mk.IXc Displaykit

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Date: 2009 / 11 / 28
Manufacturer: Tamiya
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Air craft series Vol. 19 X000d The masterpiece of the world's best masterpiece fighter Spitfire, representing the Royal Air Force during World War II, is among the most powerful fighter jets fakke Wolfe fw190 who appeared in the English Channel on September For this reason, the engine of the main type mk.v was replaced with a new type Rolls Royce marinin 60 engine with a two stage two speed supercharger, and the performance improvement by the minimum improvement was MK.IX, which was MK. IXC equipped with 20 wings of 20 mm engine gun and four C 7.7mm gun guns, and it was MK. IXC, which started deployment of troops early in December, overwhelmed FW 190 at the maximum speed reaching 669 km / h and excellent performance, and led to the British military superiority as well as the number of production of about 5500 units throughout the series, leading the British air force after the great war No X000d X000d This is a 1 / 32 scale plastic model assembly kit of Spitfire MK. IXC, it has a full length of 302mm, a full width 352 mm, upper and lower engine cowl, main wing end, ladder and elevator are prepared for each of two parts: movable wings such as aileron are movable, and the flap can select the state of the lifting and lowering Gallia Air Force's top ace, including Joe Johnson boarding machine X000d This is an explanation of the details of Spitfire
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